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Sarah Feldberg

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I'm a writer and editor who brings stories to life. The former editor of Las Vegas Weekly magazine, I specialize in travel, Las Vegas, San Francisco, food and drink, adventure, fitness and running.

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Deathvalley dunes article

Roll into spring with six perfect road trips

You can fly just about anywhere from Las Vegas, but spring is all about the drive. So pack your boots, your bikes and boards, your camera and your favorite wine glass — it’s high season for adventuring.

Hcsvegas012 31235071425 article
Travel Weekly

Group wants Las Vegas to be major player in esports: Travel Weekly

Last April, 13,000 people attended MGM Resorts' first ticketed esports event, the League of Legends North American League Championship Series (NA LCS) at Mandalay Bay Events Center, while another 500,000 watched from home.

Crystal cove state park california cabeach0317 article
Travel + Leisure

9 Great California Beaches for a Relaxing Day on the Coast

Blessed with more than 800 miles of Pacific coastline, California has a wealth of beaches, from broad sandy expanses to cozy coves hemmed by rocky cliffs.

Thewhitehelmets article
The Atlantic

A Common Theme for This Year's Oscar-Nominated Documentaries

The films 4.1 Miles, Watani: My Homeland, The White Helmets, and Fire at Sea are all up for Academy Awards this year—and all deal with the migrant crisis or the Syrian conflict.

Night aerial flat article
National Public Radio

Farm Of The Future: What Grows In Las Vegas Stays In Las Vegas : The Salt : NPR

An assemblage of high-tech greenhouses on a small plot of land smack in the center of Las Vegas will eventually produce 25 different crops, from bell peppers to beets to alpine strawberries.

0216 industrybeyond mina t1000 article
Las Vegas Weekly

Inside the 'dream factory' at Mina Test Kitchen

The eatery is a perpetual work-in-progress, a restaurant laboratory where Michael Mina and Co. workshop ideas and where guests flock to consume lavish meals at mid-range prices.

Dragon blood trees yemen tree0117 article
Travel + Leisure

10 Incredible Trees You Can Still Visit, Now That Pioneer Cabin Is No More

The famed tunnel tree is no more, but there are more arboreal wonders to see in the world.

Dog haus sausage another night in bangkok 2940 sm article
Time Out

The 15 best hot dogs in Las Vegas

The canvas is simple: tubular meat, squishy bun, maybe a squirt of mustard. But when that simple combination is done right, a hot dog becomes more than the sum of its parts, a meal that’s simultaneously low brow and divine.

Constanza ceruti on the summit of volcano in patagonia %28copyright constanza ceruti%29 article
Travel + Leisure

10 Fascinating People You Can Travel With in 2017

Today, more tour operators and cruise lines are thinking about the who when they weave together itineraries. They’re inviting along scientists, adventurers, journalists and photographers who transform trips into mobile TED talks where you can learn about climate change on Easter Island from Nicholas Kristoff of The New York Times, or visit Cuba alongside a James Beard-winning chef.

Ilulissat water taxi in front of a big iceberg wall near ilulissat ice fjord in greenland  visitgreenland madspihl article
Travel Weekly

Where travel and climate change collide

From the sands of Jamaica to the Ilulissat Icefjord in Greenland and Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the impact of climate change is reverberating throughout the tourism industry, affecting natural resources, destinations, resorts, infrastructure, transportation and accessibility. The good news? There's still time to act. The bad? What we're seeing now is just the tip of the fast-melting iceberg.

Dscf9670 article
Marriott Traveler

Desert Adrenaline: 5 Ways to Get a Vegas Rush Outside the Casino

Your heart is racing, your fingers twitching, a bead of sweat forming on your brow. But you’re not clutching the dice at a Las Vegas craps table or shuffling chips in the poker room.

Vegas gives 2016 article
VEGAS Magazine

9 Vegas women using their power for good

Our honorees for 2016 not only have a personal connection to the organizations for which they do so much good, but most are natural extensions of their daily lives and professions.

Morimoto makisquares    medres article
Los Angeles Confidential

Where to Eat & What to Order in Vegas

The Strip is a culinary wonderland stacked with Michelin-starred chefs and bold cuisines that would’ve once seemed unthinkable in the city once known for bad buffets and free chicken dinners.

Allmountain 12 6 201015 %281%29 article
Las Vegas Magazine

For bike enthusiasts, no shortage of great places to ride

From leg-searing climbs to scenic loops, Vegas has a ride for every cycling style. Choose your route, then hit the saddle and go.

Travel Weekly

The Airbnb-ization of touring: Travel Weekly

The homeshare giant is expanding into guided tours by letting local people share favorite corners of their cities.